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'Here are the main ways you can get involved, updated last 4/2023.

Current Initiatives

In 2023, we are preparing to release the Seed Eco-Home 4.If you'd like to keep up to date on this, please see Seed Home Interest Form.


  1. Join the OSE Workshops FB Group
  2. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, OSEmail
  3. Open Source Ecology Main Site
  4. Open Building Institute
  5. Open Source Ecology - Germany
  6. Blog
  7. YouTube Channel
  8. Vimeo Channel
  9. Follow OSE on Twitter
  10. Request a workshop to be held in a location near you - [1]

Get Trained. Start an OSE Chapter

  1. Formal OSE Chapters Start an OSE chapter or work with OSE full time. Sign up for the OSE Apprenticeship -
  2. Summer of Extreme Design-Build - see 2021 schedule at


  1. Learn to collaborate on a large scale by participating in our Extreme Enterprise Hackathon for the Seed Home 2
  2. Participate in our workshops and programs
  3. We're hiring - Join us as an instructor 2020 (old link) in our STEAM Camps, or apply to be an Event Planner
  4. Be part of our Tech Team: become an OSE_Developer. Take a look at our Current Projects to see what is under active development - and then join an active project.
  5. Join us for periodic Design Sprints where we do large-scale collaborative development. The way it works: we define a collaboration architecture for an ambitious goal, and recruit subject matter experts (SMEs) with relevant skills to collaborate. SME areas cover technical development, documentation, enterprise development, and more.
  6. Create a Wiki Account
  7. Build our machines. You can see the current State of Completion, and pick machines for replication from our growing menu of product releases.
  8. Produce Parts for OSE. We currently make and sell the OSE line of 3D printers. We are looking for people to print parts for us using our machines. In addition, we are looking for open source suppliers of electronics, power supplies, metal, and other components that go into the 3D printer - with the caveat that the parts are produced using fully open source, DIN SPEC 3105-compliant toolchains. This means we are actively working on bringing production back everywhere in the world.

Build Community

  1. OSE Meetups - start a meetup in your town and work towards completion of the Global Village Construction Set by developing derivative products that lead to the Open Source Economy.
  2. OSE_Clubs Collaboration - Start an OSE Club - Get students involved in large-scale collaboration by turning class time into global collaboration time. See
  3. Open Source Ecology Classroom Initiative - turn your classroom into a hotspot of global collaboration.
  4. OSE_Chapters_at_Universities - begin developing the open source economy while you are in college. Coming 2021 - Extreme U
  5. OSE_National_Chapters - regional and national chapters
  6. OSE_Incentive_Challenge - annual grand event
  7. Do you know any Subject Matter Experts who could help provide expertise? Help us with our SME Search.

Get Training

  1. OSE Consulting - hire us for consulting, so you can engage in rapid learning based on all of our past experience.


  1. Buy our products. 100% of our proceeds go to a nonprofit cause to change the world.
  2. Sign up for our workshops. Get exposed to Extreme Manufacturing swarm-based builds.
  3. Subscribe to support this work financially as a True Fan
  4. Donate to OSE. We are a 501(c)3 education organization.

How Do We Collaborate?

Hear an intro:


There are also many other assets that you can produce if you have relevant skill sets. We list some specific ways to get involved. See curated tasks at OSE Task Queue. The ones below are generic.

STEAM Curriculum Developers

If you are a teacher or curriculum designer - consider using OSE technology for your classes. We have practical experiments in machine design with the Universal Axis, 3D printing, geardowns, electric motors, and other topics. We are interested in developing STEAM curriculum spanning from elementary to technical school and college level. Join our team and create a small or larger lesson that both you and OSE can use in its teaching/courses.


Contribute to Basic Calculations by adding additional calculators relevant to GVCS development, so we can involve novices in advanced development work.

Part Libraries

Stock steel tubing library - stock steel sections of all steel. This could be implemented simply as a parametric spreadsheet in FreeCAD, where you type in the length of a select steel section. The more advanced version could be a a workbench which allows you to generate any stock steel section. Metric and imperial.

OSE FreeCAD Workbenches

G Roques is leading development of workbenches for OSE machines in FreeCAD - which allow the user to design different versions of our machines from available part libraries and proven build techniques. See OSE FreeCAD Workbenches and contact G to help out.

Video Production

We have loads of video footage, low and high quality, from over the last decade. A skilled editor could turn this into gold - just as our GVCS in 2 Minutes or OSE Anthem videos were created by completely unsolicited contributors. Here you can help us create a sequel to our first Kdenlive Tutorial to include how to do greenscreen, bottom third, aerials, action, and other edits. For example, GVCS in 2 Minutes and the OSE Anthem were produced completely independently by taking online OSE assets from OSE Youtube, OSE Vimeo, and High Resolution GVCS Media. The only requirement is pure skill and passion - to refine loads of content into bitesize packets.

Some ideas are: highlight videos - vine videos or 1 minute and under other videos made from any combination of assets: (1) raw footage from YouTube or clips from existing, high quality videos; (2) FreeCAD CAD. (3) FreeCAD ported into Blender; (4) FreeCAD ported into WebGL explosions. (5) Basic Video Scripts of refined content. See also Crowd Video Protocol and OSEdit, and Collaborative Video Protocol, Open Source Soundtracks, and Explainer Video and Tablet Blackboard Instructionals for ways that meaningful video contributions can be made.

Graphics Design

Do you like the way the infographics are designed at OBI - Help us generate infographics like at OBI - and machine infographics as in the Machine Infographics contributor guidelines using GIMP and Inkscape.


Design ways to introduce GVCS machines into gaming environments, such as Minecraft. Can we build a tractor or Universal Axis-based machine in a game environment such as Minecraft? Can we import assets from the GVCS and use them to build civilization from scratch? There is lots of potential here.

Contribution Platform: Education with a Buy Buttom at the End

By coupling instructionals of how to do things effectively - with a way to collect crowd-sourced micro-contributions of content - we can leverage the contributions of many more people. We would like to prepare MOOCs on how to do so. We envision that the MOOCs also include an option to buy a certain kit - so that people can get supplies for projects readily. We envision construction set kits - which can be used to build scale models of various OSE machines and products.

Functional kits could involve:

  1. the Universal Axis for building any CNC machine by adding 3d printer, plotter, router, laser engraver, larger laser, pnp machine, circuit mill, WAAM system, continuous clay printer, rotary axis, tool changer, open source TB6600, heavy mill, and more.
  2. model kits for tractors with battery-powered, water-based hydraulics using 3D printed, open source solenoids, 3D printed motors, 3d printed water pumps, etc.
  3. Arduino phone kit
  4. Open source camera studio kit with drone