Janyuary-February Goals for Torch Table

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Update 3.5.09

Basic design is complete, and we are soliciting fabrication bids. We decided not to do it in house, as we need to focus on MicroTrac, and a big hopper, automated CEB press prototype, including soil pulverizer. Part of our decision was made by the economy, given that we may not have markets for the CEB press, and possibly not even metal stock for production. We'll reprioritize CNC production once we get orders that demand CNC capacity.


As the workshop nears completion and the inside wall for the utility space is being put up, here are my commitments to the torch table, and CEB project, development.

Personally, I've been publishing the Factor e Live Distillations series - which is critical to laying the groundwork for OSE collaboration, so I prioritized it above the CEB fabrication torch table. This produced a month delay in the Torch Table.

CEB Press Deployment Timeline

  • January 25 - rest and post these commitments, lay out plan for torch table; finish 3D design on Torch Table; publish Distillations Part 7
  • 26, Mon - Picked up Nathan; basically finished bricking-in the utility area; worked till 8 PM - too late - as too tired next day
  • 27 Tuesday - ordered passport pictures, worked on publicity material for 1000 Squared, got Nathan settled in; went food shopping to Jamesport; did Prototype one of open source v-grafting tool; edited publicity material for 1000 Squared from Matthew
  • 28 Wednesday - composed initial 3D of torch table with Jeremy, updated sourcing info on Torch Table; prepared hot water tank; wrote part of Solar Turbine distillation
  • 29 Thursday - continued transcript of Solar Turbine project by noon; Finished 3D torch table with Jeremy by 2; work on water tank - close in water tank, add fittings till 6 - worked till 7; need thread tape; did not publish BOM for torch table, for gantry
  • 30 Friday - completed Solar Turbine Distillation transcript; continued Babington and shower installation ; water tank moved in to workshop;
  • 31 Saturday - Publish Solar Turbine Distillation; get metal for sawmill and torch table from Sweiger; get firewood; install Babington and water tank
  • February 1 - Rest day - Collaborative Development Process Distillation writing; Publish Lathe design
  • Feb 2, Monday - install Babington burner-hot masonry water tank-pressure tank - shower - this is last main day on shop work, outside of roof completion
  • Tuesday 3 - publish distillations on OSE business model, Factor e Farm business model; post design for review to Jack C, DIY CNC group; Start assembling torch table frame
  • Wednesday 4 - Order bearings for torch table; Order gears for Torch table; Order bolts for torch table; Mount rail and gear rack on torch table ; order torch head ; publish on collaborative product development method
  • Thursday 5 - Begin assembling gantry - Install Linux, LinuxCNC, and Test Motors for Torch Table; publish Collaboration Model of Factor e Farm
  • Friday 6 - Publish summary of distillations; Install Linux, LinuxCNC, and Test Motors for Torch Table;
  • Saturday 7 - do greenhouse roof - do tractor wheels, get soil up there, put on more poly; put on flashing by greenhouse and by edge, but drip lip under eave
  • Sunday 8 - Rest day
  • Week 2 of February - Install bearings, xy and z drive system towards completion
  • Week 3 of February - Torch table testing - dimensionally-correct torch holes in sample metal
  • Week 4 of February - Tie up loose ends, begin CEB Prototype 2 with digital assist.
  • March, Week 1 - Order other parts for Prototype 2, order hydraulic solenoid valves, implement Arduino solenoid control
  • March, Week 2 - Build large hopper assembly
  • March, Week 4 - test CEB press with automatic controls
  • April, Week 1 - Test large hopper operation
  • April, Week 2 - optimize fabrication with Prototype 3
  • April, Week 4 - Integrate and document CEB system
  • May 1 - 2009 - Begin taking orders