Jeremy's Goals

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Jeremy Mason

Jan-Feb Goals

  • Finish design with 3d
  • get feedback on forestry forums
  • finish implementation plan
  • finish bill of materials
  • finish budget
  • put together marketing materials
  • blog post and market
  • construct prototype 1
  • test and review prototype performance
  • call for funding
  • contact uncle about finding info on laws about selling machines and lumber
  • line up sales of sawmills and lumber
  • if possible fill lumber orders with sawmill prototype 1
  • construct prototype 2
  • test, review, and finalize design
  • construct prototype 3
  • document open source construction
  • start producing sawmills and lumber
  • research next project

To Do

  • Research industry standard for how dimensional sawmills move.
  • What kind of rollers do they have?
  • What is the best way to connect the saws to the vertical posts?
  • Contact Jack C. on skype re: torch table. Post on forums to get feedback.

Wildly Optimistic Timeline

Week 1:

  • Jan 25, Sun - Day off, work on sawmill design.
    • Worked on sawmill design.
  • Jan 26, Mon - Pick up Nathan at 8am to 9am. Building brick wall in workshop 6 hrs. Work on and test design, post on forums for feedback
    • Review: Done, did some work on design but didn't finish, no marketing
  • Jan 27, Tues - Finish wall and babbington, put together BOM and budget, order bearings and bolts, marketing research
    • Did BOM and budget on saw assembly, wall almsot done, no babington, didn't order stuff, no marketing
  • Jan 28, Wed - Going to Sweigers? Put together shower? get materials at Sweigers, check forum feedback, marketing research
    • Worked on torch table design, no marketing
  • Jan 29, Thurs - Start preparing materials for construction, measuring and drilling/welding holes for bolts, document, put together marketing materials, finish workshop
    • worked on workshop and torch table design, almost done, thought about sawmill
  • Jan 30, Fri - Go to Amish shop in Jamesport. Put together prototype space frame and document process, put together marketing materials, send out marketing contacts, market lumber materials
    • worked on designand workshop
  • Jan 31, Sat - Put together platform frame and vertical posts and document, test platform movement and document, blog post space frame video and call for funding, research and send more marketing contacts
    • worked on BOM

Week 2:

  • Feb 1, Sun - Day off, blog post platform frame construction and test video and call for more funding for more construction, follow up on marketing
    • worked on phase 1 BOM
  • Feb 2, Mon - Look into getting more parts with funding, order more parts (motors, shafts, bearings, blades), follow up on marketing. Go to post office to get computer and go to sweigers.
    • Worked on design, workshop, went to cameron
  • Feb 3, Tues - Get more parts for saw frame and pulley system? follow up on marketing
  • Feb 4, Wed - drill/weld holes in parts, document, follow up on marketing
  • Feb 5, Thurs - put together saw frame and pulley system, document, test results, follow up on marketing
  • Feb 6, Fri - attach saws and test, document, blog post, market
  • Feb 7, Sat - Build log holder, set up space frame saw assembly, attempt to test wood cutting, document, blog post, follow up on marketing

Week 3 Feb 8-15:

  • Review cutting performance, get more funding for base frame, get materials for frame, prepare and build frame, document, blog post, follow up on marketing contacts, line up sales, review and get feedback on prototype design, iterate development process for prototype 2

Week 4 Feb 16-22:

  • Work on prototype 2, if possible start filling lumber sales with prototype 1

Realistic Timeline

Week 1 Jan 26-31:

  • Finish design, finish BOM, get materials, push forward with marketing

Week 2 Feb 1-7:

  • Put together frame, get more funding, keep marketing

Week 3 Feb 8-15:

  • Get more funding, get and construct saw assembly, document

Week 4 Feb 16-22:

  • Test prototype, forget frame for prototype 1, review and redesign, start prototype 2 cycle

Week 5 Feb 22-28:

  • Get feedback and advice, fix problems in design, get funding for prototype 2


  • 12.02.08 Goals 1 month - I commit to researching, designing, drafting a bill of materials, project budget, and plan of implementation for the open source sawmill. I commit to publishing my research on the wiki for collaboration. I am picking up where Bob left off and when he returns we will work on the project together.

Review - Some design and research done in Dec, most done in Jan. Work on the workshop took a lot of time. Did some work on bill of materials, budget, etc in Jan. Put up some stuff on the wiki. Worked on 2d and 3d model of design.