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  • Ace Wagner - builder, coach - KC
  • Structural engineer - Jesse, No problem. I would suggest reaching out to Matt Enstrom over at Stand Engineering. Matt is a principal and they work with architects on unique and custom homes all the time. - john - -* -
  • Brad Reams, Director. Base turned ecoindustrial park.
  • CEB press contact - military.
  • XR contacts - military
  • Parson's - place 2 hr south of KC - base converted to civilian
  • Stephanie - Crossroads Prep Academy - train the trainers on 3D printer 3 day course
  • Cube Houses - [1] - modular human scale
  • Akili - to Mission Continues [2] and Mission 6 0 [3] for swarming.
  • Dr. Stephanie Theis - Dean of Real World Learning and Community Engagement for Crossroads Prep Academy. Partnership?
  • Shelby - from Brian's class - wants to build a microhouse for a homeless vet
  • "Davis, Christina" - UMKC Team at the School of Computing & Engineering
  • Dean Kevin Truman - School of Computing and Engineering - would like to meet with you to discuss your Open Source Ecology program and any potential we might have in teaming with you.
  • "Bloemker, Katherine H." - UMKC Team at the School of Computing & Engineering
  • Tanner - building materials from waste
  • My Friend AF Special Operations owns this company and might be interested in carrying your kits on his e-commerce site? He is on contract with the AF now.
  • Christian Thobbaben - microhouse development, 4-10 homes for summer 2022
  • Jon Miller - GI Bill acceptance. Training for reintegration. Latest dev - 100 vets for UMKC degrees. Can apply to any university that is willing to collaborate.
  • Akili - Vets to Sidelines, Westpoint grad
  • Rob Robinson - North Carolina Military Business Center - forward to Jon Miller.
  • Jill Erickson - bat cave tour - property in KC Blue River Valley. Contact via Bob Berkebile.