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Useful Links

  • Augmented reality software - [3]
  • Open source augmented reality software - [
  • Holokit - mixed reality - open source? - [4] (Eric Here, This appears to be an open source "AR" Display using a mobile phone, much as Google Cardboard does VR, The problem is really the 6DOF tracking, phones only have 3DOF, unless you can somehow use the camera, but processing power is really limited. Also Mixed reality is kind of a weird term in the industry, it is used sometimes to describe something between VR and AR, like with the windows inside out tracking VR headsets released recently. I don't know why they used those for this link, but for all intensive purposes it appears to be AR) )
  • Open Source virtual tour software - Marzipano - [5]. Good for virtual 3D scape, but doesn't appear to have walkthrough. Could do walkthrough by 'exiting' to new views.