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CRM Software

CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) is used by sales organizations to track prospecting, leads generation, open negotiations and notes on customer issues, and invoicing. Organizing the various contacts, previous instructors/attendees, potential future instructors, as well as managing our relationship with other allied organizations such as the OSE University Chapters might be easier with a searchable database in which we can make contact notes. Tracking contact notes over time can be a powerful tool for "long cycle sales" which is arriving at agreements that require several conversations to come to fruition. Recommend X2CRM because it's open source and very flexible.

CRM Software Advantages

Trouble ticketing and invoicing tools can be adapted to:

  • Handle individual camps as clients
    • easier tracking for prospective attendees, offering more active "selling" model
    • ensure, through invoice tools, tracking on all tools and material needed for each Camp
    • create a customer service platform with active note taking, allow issues to be tracked to resolution as well as feedback in the form of defect rates
      • opens the door for process optimization once sufficient scale is reached for date to be meaningful

Instructor Recruiting

In our initial email, Marcin asked about the learning curve for prospective instructors. Our biggest current bottleneck is likely to be D3D units in the field. A list of current teams or individuals with D3D units who might be interested would be a good first step. I can contact slog through the list.

The build tutorials on YouTube are extensive and well laid out. I want to reach out to Makerspaces wherever I can find them and pitch a partnership for guided builds. Semi-public units will allow more people to become familiar with their operation and troubleshooting. The goal here is to create a "club" structure around their use. Technical experts from the team can join by Zoom for a miniature STEAM Workshop helping new teams build initial units. These clubs will not only sustain interest in OSE as a whole, but create a ready crop of instructors and future attendees for future STEAM Camps. We need to strategize ways to reduce cost to these groups to get initial units into the field for training more people in their use. Structuring it as a social function provides an immediate payoff for interest and collaboration.

Pivot to remote events due to Covid-19

Currently, future plans for STEAM Camps, OSE Feeds, and other in person events have been thrown into disarray. An immediate need for a momentum building plan that can operate with small, relatively amateur groups collaborating over the internet is vital to future success. We should re-invigorate activity on our forum and build an "OSE Club" model (working title). Dual strategy of new groups and adopting "client groups" from established groups will provide the best results and dovetail with "Organic Social Media" strategy proposed by 180Degrees.

  • Identify places where OSE is already actively discussed
    • Invitation and outreach- "What can we do to help you build a D3D Universal where you are? Do you have local friends to collaborate with? What would it take to get you to sign on to a build starting in the next 30 days?"
  • Identify online spaces where our model, philosophy, and goals will be most readily accepted.
    • Initial outreach by me. Bring technical expertise on quickly after to stimulate conversation. Answer above questions.
  • Once established, work into facilitating club formation and pursue "Instructor Recruiting" strategy

Makerspace Outreach

Initial list of first round calls has been built. A simple, one page flyer that can be hung up to gauge interest and draw people in will be helpful. Calls can then be made asking the facilitators of Makerspaces to hang up our document in a public place and get a list of members who are interested in building a D3D unit with us. Groups wishing to work independently can start as they like, but the goal will be to coordinate as many builds as possible in a sort of mini event.

Concept for a single page flyer could draw inspiration from the simple flyers stapled around town to announce local music events. Vital information for document follows.

  • Catchy top line (largest text)- Consider something like "Let's Open Source our Civilization"
  • Build your own 3d Printer with us
    • Tap in to an endlessly evolving and expanding library of open source designs
    • Network with makers, tinkerers, and collaborators across the world
    • Make parts to build even cooler tools
  • Reach out to us if you're as into it as we are!
    • QR Code for Marcin's Ted Talk
    • Website, Email, or preferred contact method

I can reach out and work the phones getting this out there if we have someone who can help me design the initial flyer.

List of Makerspaces to reach out to

"Think Small" social media push

Current small projects give potential collaborators an immediate project to sink their teeth into. Create a specific library of beginner's projects. Focus on a build and structure a YouTube series for guided builds. Invite people to post their own build processes and any difficulties and insights to our social media.

PVC Dome Connector

I want to get a printer going and build a garden shade house with one of these for summer growing in Central Arizona

Proposed Timeline

First 15 Days

  • Assess current list of OSE University Chapters program and begin the phone and email slog of fleshing it out and advancing it
    • This is a classic long cycles sales problem. Assess, assess, assess. Ready partners will rise organically through a continuous contact effort on my part
  • Build list of prospect Makerspaces for potential partners in building D3D Universals (currently working on this))
    • Find out who's still open and operating
  • Evaluate list of past instructors and attendees
    • Do we have a "Problems to Solve" worksheet for training new instructors? Build one if not.
  • Build list of all online spaces OSE is currently actively discussed and evaluate
  • Meeting to develop plan for social media buzz and reignite our own forums
  • Develop simple, single page flyer inviting Makerspace groups to build a D3D Universal with us

Day 15-30

  • Identify 10 OSE University candidates ready to form student clubs
    • Examine available resources for building D3D units
  • Start working down list of open and operating Makerspaces
    • Create one page flyer that can be printed and hung in the spaces pitching a group build of the D3D
    • Get that flyer hung in as many places as possible
  • Begin correlating local sustainable agriculture orgs for collaboration with makers groups
  • Use 180Degrees marketing report to develop tactical steps for implementing inorganic marketing strategies
  • Identify 24 primary schools/youth hobbyist organizations for potential partnership

Day 30-60

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