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2014-09-04 - Departure

CEB Press firmware


CEB Press firmware

 * Troubleshooting the CEB Press power-cubes using the Power_Cube_Failure_Modes_and_Troubleshooting and Power_Cube_Troubleshooting_Instructions.
 * Set up the CEB Press test machine. The solenoids are licking.
 * Repairing the CEB Press test machine solenoids.
 * Preparing the CEB Press test controller board.
 * Firsts days testing the new code on the CEB Press test machine.
 * Successful test of the new firmware on the CEB Press v6 test machine.
 * Last CEB Press firmware changelog:
   - Removed the auto-calibration from test-mode.
   - Reimplemented the test mode.
   - The calibration is not being reseted in manual mode.
   - The shaker stops the machine completely and updates the timers properly to continue the cycle with no changes in the behaviour.
     A delay could happen depending on how long the solenoids take to actually start moving the cylinders.
   - in test mode, the timed mode buttons (down and left buttons) are disabled until the cylinders have been calibrated at least for 
     the left movement and the down movement. this is  already happening in auto-mode when it goes into the failsafe stage or using 
     the cylinder-bounce buttons [0] on test mode.
   - auto-mode: goes into the failsafe stage if the solenoids haven't being half-calibrated[1], if the solenoids have been already 
     at least half-calibrated, it moves the drawer all the way right and goes directly to the close_chamber_stage to start pressing.
 [0] cylinder-bounce buttons: right and up buttons on test mode.
 [1] Solenoids Half-calibrated: The solenoids are considered half-calibrated if we have the complete travel time for the left and down movement.

Power Cube

 * Assemblying the power cube v7 and taking pictures.
 * Helping in the Power Cube v7 documentation.


 * Configured the Octoprint_at_Factor_eFarm in the RaspbeeryPi at FactoreFarm.
 * The Raspberry Pi is now connecting to the "wireless" network through the wireless interface.
 * Moving lumber to a better place.
 * Making work the 3D Printer.
 * Studying the steppers motors and stepper drivers used in the torch table.
 * Set up Infinoted on the Raspberry Pi that is running on the Wireless network at Factor eFarm.

Power Cube building


Power Cube

 * Assemblying the Power Cube.
 * Cutting steel tubes.
 * Taken, filtered and uploaded a bunch of pictures to trovebox for powercube documentation.

CEB Press

 * Fixed the brick press production machine.
 * Assemblying and Fixing the brick press test machine.
 * Fixed the test controller board.
   - There was another pin that wasn't working.
   - The teensy and the fuse are broken.
   - Order a new Teensy for the Brick Press.
 * Tuning and solving bugs on the new CEB Press firmware.

3d Printing

 * Fixing the 3D-Printer, started to print little pieces for its self maintenance and improvement.


 * Replacing the saw of the bendsaw.
 * Cutting aluminum.


 * Searching contact info of similar organizations to OSE to improve social networking.
 * Found a Raspberry Pi. Set it up and now it's working on the "wireless" network.
 * Moving some boards to the old workshop.
 * Covering the microhouse to protect it against rain.
 * Taking down a dom.
 * Taking pictures of the Composting toilet stairs building process.


 * Devin's melting aluminum masterclass.
 * First test of the new firmware on the CEB Press.
 * Adding new features and solving bugs on the new CEB Press firmware.

Post-MicroHouse Workshop


 * Assembling a structure to cover the microhouse.
 * Making work the pool pump.
 * Group meeting.

Microhouse Workshop


 * Carpintery: building modules.
 * Pressing bricks.
 * Laying bricks.

Microhouse 3 workshop preparation II


 * Mounting doms.
 * Cutting, pressing, drilling bars for the doms.
 * Mounting the rollers for the Brick Pressing line.
 * Helping in the Brick Pressing line: carrying buckets, moving bricks. Good exercise!
 * Cleaning/organizing the buckets at the workshop.
 * Moving pallets and plywood to cut.
 * Moving soil for the brick press.

Velocar Workshop


 * Helping to 3D print parts for the battery of the Velocar during the whole day and part of the evening.
 * Taking pictures of the Velocar workshop.
 * Built a picnic table.
 * Baked some bread.

Microhouse 3 workshop preparation I


* CEB Press:
 - Seeting up the testing CEB Press.
 - Pressing some bricks in the production Brick press.
 - CEB Press firmware:
   - going deep more into details of the auto-mode algorithm.
 - CEB Press firmware:
   - Review high pressure sensor flag support.
   - Review the auto-mode to make it fit the documentation. Reviewed the goToInitialPoint() sequence.
 - Cleaning and reviewing the code for the CEB Press.
 - Decide to fork and rewrite the current firmware development for the CEB Press.
   Git repository:
* Swimming Pool:
 - Fixing the licks of the pool.
* Microhouse 3 workshop preparation:
 - Cutting wood and wires.
 - Helping to move rebar.
 - Moving soil.
 - Handling and measuring rebar.
 - Bending rebar.
 - Some welding practice.
 - Publicity team.
 - Handling steel bars.

2014-07-21 Monday

 - Brick press team. Moving the head of the machine.
 - Grinding and welding during the whole afternoon.


 - 10:00-13:30: Preparing the arduino platform, visit to the workshop, first lines modified in the brick press' microcontroller code. 
 - 14:30-16:30: Coding the CEB Press microcontroller.
 - 16:30-17:30: Helping to take out some sand.
 - 17:30-20:00: Simplifying and fixing the Aidan's firmware of the CEB Press microcontroller.


 - 9:30-13:30: Preparing the platform to code on the Arduino code for the CEB Press.
 - 14:30-17:30: Reviewing with Aidan the code of the CEB Press microcontroller.
 - 17:30-18:00: First visit to the Workshop.
 - 20:00-22:00: Working on the workshop. Start using the protection equipment. Some work on a tractor's piece.


 - 9:00: Group meeting. Proposal to add a CVS like git to the OSE documentation system. We will probably use github.
 - 10:00: Teamwork to redesign the OSE documentation system.
 - 13:00: Video record to show the progress on documentation system.
 - 13:30: Lunch.
 - 14:30: Back to work. Made a power converter EU -> US.
 - 15:30: Continue with the redesign of the documentation and development system.
 - 19:20:
 - Adopting Trello for the DMAIC team.
 - Analyzing the existing documentation platform.
 - Setting up a infinoted test service, installing the gobby client, show it to the team.

2014-07-16 - Arrival

 - 19:00: Arrival to MCI airport.
 - 21:00: Arrival to Factor eFarm.
 - 23:00: Sleep