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Electronics Design Automation software, GPL.


  • Useful Software for PCB Design: How to use KiCAD: Circuit Board Anatomy: Open Circuit Institute (what is planned):

KiCAD Symbol Generator


  • Course on Udemy - [1]


What is KiCAD

Download and Install KiCAD

  • Downloading and Installing KiCAD on Ubuntu (Linux-based) - KiCAD_Ubuntu
  • Downloading and Installing KiCAD on Windows - KiCAD_Windows
  • Downloading and Installing KiCAD if Above Fails - [3]



How to Get Extra SMD Devices

  • Was trying to add using the "footprint" tool some different chips. Found libraries online, assuming their is some folder somewhere to put it in in order for it to be read, couldn't seem to find it? Probably some simple error, but couldn't hurt to have info on this, will update this once i find out how (or someone else edits this for me pre-that)

KiCad SMEs

Javier Serrano <> 7/25/16 to Wayne, me Hi guys,

If for whatever reason Wayne can't do it, here are a couple of alternative suggestions in the US:

- Chris Gammell [0]. He runs the KiCad forum [1] and gives KiCad courses [2].

- Adam Wolf, one of the active members of the KiCad community in the US [3].

I just found that Chris interviewed Adam in The Amp Hour back ion 2013! [4].



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