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Convert a freezer to a refrigerator, and reduce energy consumption 12x so that your refrigerator uses 8 Watts of average power.

This translates to about 50 million megawatt hours of electricity (126M households with 1 fridge) saved per year in the USA if everyone converted to an energy saving fridge from a 1kWhr/day scenario today. This is about $5 billion dollars saved per year in America.

Nearly every household on Earth has a verticaldoor fridge that uses 100W of power on average - or about 2.4 kWh per day. In a country of a few million households, replacing vertical door refrigerators with chestfridges can save enough energy to allow closing down at least one large power station. Alternatively, construction of a new power station to meet the increasing energy demand could be avoided or delayed.

In money terms, the Superfridge costs 2 cents per day to run (assuming 10 vent per kWh electricity cost). This is about $7 per year - compared to $88 for an average fridge.

For the Seed Eco-Home, the cost is actually even better. The off-grid energy system cost $3000 for 3kW not including labor. This translates to 2 cents per kWh energy cost over a 20 year life of the PV system. That is about $1.50 electricity cost to run the refrigerator for a whole year!

Parts Link
Sparkfun Pro Micro 3V amazon
Female Headers amazon
Relay amazon
Themister amazon
10K Resistor amazon
Jumper Wires M/M amazon
USB Wall Charger 1A 5V amazon
6" USB Cable A-MicroB amazon
4"x4"x2" Electrical Junction Box amazon
Extension Cord amazon
2 Conductor Wire amazon
Crimp Connection Assortment amazon
Tools Link
Stepped Drill Bit amazon
Crimping Tool amazon
Soldering Iron amazon
Solder amazon
Electrical Tape amazon