Knowledge Kernel Calculation

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Steve, I'm trying to come up with a good estimate for the cost it would take to develop or open source all the  required to create a modern, advanced civilization. Ie, the value of all economically-siginificant knowledge - let's call it the Knowledge Kernel.

That is, the cost of first, opening up this knowledge, and then teaching it effectively in a scalable manner which can result in the transformation of society to a collaborative, abundance economy. The transition would come from distributed market substitution. This includes the technosphere in the broad sense - ie, all of technology up to microchips, + all other technology such as education, governance, law, enterprise, etc. It appears important to establish a clear goal, timeline, and communications for delivering this, such that the reward is that We can execute on startups of all types, such as farms, universities, up to economic regions and countries - ie, micro-civilizations of all sorts. Through these startups, which normalize the abundance economy, change happens globally.

It seems that a realistic estimate for the Knowlege Kernel is $50B, which is obtained based on the R&D spent on all new knowhow every 19 years (time for patents to expire). It is based on the global economic GDP increase that happens every 19 years, which can be said to correspond to 'all new knowledge'. The claim is that the value of 'all new knowledge' is the value of ALL knowledge, since any know-how older than 19 years can then be considered as 'free.'

Take a look at the simple calculation here - does this make any sense? This would definitely help in planning and fundraising, where I would expect us to bootstrap heavily until the rest of the world begins to see reality emerging and thus chipping in on a larger scale thus cascading to rapid transformation.