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Koruza is an open source 1 Gb optical communications link, which does better than wireless because it is point to point and does not suffer from congestion that limits the number of wireless links that can be found in the same space.

Github repository

KORUZA on wlan slovenija wiki page

Battle Mesh Event


From Musti, Shuttleworth Foundation 2015 Fellow.

following up on our discussion earlier this week, we have drafted how it would be useful to document systems in a so called Tree Structure, with the basic idea of layering of information, from one slide overview, to a full wiki with all details. The general idea is to use the tree structure for the whole system as well as for every subsystem, effectively making them standalone. Every part has a wiki and bom, which is merged from sub-modules up to the top level design, with additional information added at every stage. This should allow anyone to either look at, use and improve just a module or the whole system and should boost the re-usability of submodules.

Attached are two pdf documents, Koruza_tree drafting the top level view and working down the tree structure and KoruzaTreeStructure a short document drafting how this approach should work.

Open Source Toolset for Koruza

Will be applied to Malawi.