Labor Requirements for a Manual CEB Press

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The limiting factor for manual or automatic brick press is digging and preparing soil. Pressing rate depends on soil preparation rate in both cases, and the stated pressing rate can be achieved only when the prepared soil is available. It will take anywhere from 48 to 100 people minimum to operate 8 manual brick presses continuously if no machines are used, starting from undug soil. Our experience over the years was that one person can do 1/3 brick per minute in an excruciating labor scenario, continuously for a day.

Manual Machine with Manual Loading

  • 4 to achieve 1 block per minute - [1]
  • 14 people to achieve 1/4 block per minute - [2]
  • 9 people for 1 block per minute - [3]

Hydraulic Machine with Manual Loading

  • 3 people for 1 block per minute with a hydraulic machine - [4]

Brick Laying

  • 800 bricks per hour laid - world record - with mortaring - Brick Laying