Large Scale Collaboration Guidelines

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So, you want to join the global OSE development team?

  1. Download OSE Linux 2.0
  2. Start a Work Log. Add a Time Log. Note that you don't need to be logged into the wiki to use your time log - it's just an external widget.
  3. Get the OSE FreeCAD Badge or show proof of equivalent capacity.
  4. Choose a project, Start a Working Doc, and embed it in you Work Log. Begin documenting your progress and results on your project of choice. This is required so others can collaborate with you - otherwise you are working by yourself. At OSE, we collaborate to the maximum extent, using techniques like this so we never actually work alone. This is a mindshift that needs to happen on your side for this to work with many people. Remember that you are not working alone, and that you are trying to set up others to collaborate with you - by a shared understanding that all of us are working together.
  5. Stand on the shoulders of giants - meaning - build upon others' work. To do this, you can do one of many things: (1) look at other peoples' Work Logs. Find out what people are working on right now through Recent Wiki Changes. (2) Copy Working Doc pages from other working docs into your doc; (3) contribute to existing working docsm as their permissions allow anyone in the world to edit as a general rule; (4) or edit existing work on the wiki; (5) download Part Libraries, and iterate from there. Upload your changes to your work log, or just use the Upload a new version of this file for any file. (5) study Industry Standards and modify them for OSE work via the OSE Filter
  6. How do we coordinate? With the understanding that 'if it's not on the wiki, it doesn't exist.' That means - everyone is expected to upload their files, in progress, as soon as any changes are made to them. Everything is in progress - there is no such thing as a 'finished product' even though a product release happened: there's always the next iteration. If you upload work in progress, anyone else to contribute within seconds, anywhere in the world. Don't worry about version conflicts - everyone uses their own Work Log so there is never a conflict - and files are merged into 'official development' later in the process.
    1. Also via The "Discussion" Tab on Wiki Pages, Email, Discord and/or Slack Always on Real Time Communications (Essentially allowing brainstorming/discussion/feedback in (near) real time)