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The CAD-BOM-Build technique refers to a design-build process involving consideration of all three aspects at the design phase - and documentation of the same with hyperlinked BOMs or vBOMs. The three aspects are what actual parts will be used in the design, and the process by which the product will be built. This enables drastic efficiency increase in the product design, performance, and cost. This is one of the essential aspects of Breaking the Iron Triangle. The 3 elements are mutually reinforcing, and each is potentially derivable from the others.

This is distinct from a typical process, where for example, the designer considers material choices only superficially - unless they are a designer-builder and include explicit part/build process choices in the essence of their design.

In the OSE case, the result is robust modular design, factory or DIY producible, manually or digitally producible, solo-buildable or swarmable, site or factory built, local materials or COTS-sourved, produced by skilled or unskilled labor, and always ope and collaborative. Also, we include iEducation, iDesign, and iEnterprise around the product. Check.pngNote: the i refers to We, not me like in Apple's products.


CAD-BOM-Build-Pictures (or Data Collection). Pictures show costs (receipts) and validate CAD and build. Build are the procedures, cheatsheets, tech drawings. See also OSE Documentation Philosophy.


This is a general doc about collaborative design - not specific to any project. It explains how to create design guides, and how to collaborate on a grand scale.