Laser Diode

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  • 60W laser diode cuts steel foil. YT potential SME. - [1]
  • 500W for $2k - not replicable sourcing - [2]


  • 10W for $90 each in MOQ of 10 - just the diode itself.
  • 500W hair removal wide beam - $1300 - [3]
  • 60W Coherent diode - [4]
  • 500W for $400? - Maybe each bar is that much. Stack is made of multiple bars. How are these stacked together? [5]. Can be used for Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers. Has water cooling. Needs power supply.

How It Works

  • Video explaining fiber coupled laser diode. Potential SME who knows how to design a laser diode and has access to equipment to build one. - [6]

How It Is Manufactured

  • How laser diode bars are made - corporate promo video - [7]
  • About structure of laser diodes, bars, stacks - [8]

How To Couple a Diode Bar to a Fiber

  • Master's thesis on how to couple a divergent bar source to a fiber - [9]

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