Lathe Safety Simulator

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  • A Free VR Training Game/Software for an Industrial Metal lathe

User: Eric 's bit on it

Bad Aspects

  • It has a sort of unpolished "Half Life 1/2" kind of feel to it (also some of the audio effects were the same for objects hitting each other which was funny)
  • The interface was a bit clunky at times (if instructions were missed / an error was made there wasn't a way (unless i missed it, which is a possibility) to go back or repeat the instructions)
  • The locomotion was very limited (it only allowed for the press to teleport to selected area method)

Good Aspects

  • Rather than make a detailed small dial, it used a HUD little pop-up bubble as the indicator for the amount of mm / degrees something was set to
  • It was simple to follow, and very detailed (granted some parts, such as the motor switchboard, weren't very visually detailed/accurate short of maybe the E-Stop)
  • Because it was so simple attempting to make something to a similar level would be easier than other examples

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