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See challenge at GrabCAD -

Abstract on Design Goal: The following materials exhibit the current state of LifeTrac - Open Source Ecology's open source tractor. The goal is to take this design from a Mad Max ghetto rider to a quality, high performance tractor with articulated steering. The articulated steering is used to reduce wheel loads compared to skid-steering configuration - thereby simplifying the design of the wheel units drastically. We are currently designing the tractor for use with 1 or 2 Power Cubes - our 27 hp hydraulic power units. The goal of this challenge is to improve on this design based on past builds. See the results of LifeTrac 5 - and the numerous comments there on design issues in the videos. All details of this 'lifesize erector set' design are to be evolved until we have a satisfactory tractor. By helping this project, you are helping to develop a 'peoples' tractor' that can be built from stock parts - and that can be maintained easily by the user for a lifetime of service.

See intro video on the LifeTrac history -

The LifeTrac Story 2012. from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

Last Model - LifeTrac 5

This tractor has been deployed for testing at the Our School at Blair Grocery urban gardening project in New Orleans.


See LifeTrac 5

Existing Model of LifeTrac 6 - in Development

This one has one power cube. Loader cylinders need to be added.


Download Sketchup file (18MB): File:LifeTrac6.skp

If you don't already have Google Sketchup downloaded, get it Here.

Universal Constructor Set Pieces

Warehouse snip v3.PNG

For the final product to be modular and easy to assemble, the parts you use in the frame must come from the Warehouse


General Requirements


Cab Module Requirements

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The hydraulic connections to and from the cab are all organized on a single panel: see Hydraulic Panel concept.

Link to Modules Page

Loader Arm Requirements

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Power Cube Module

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File:LifeTrac6 PowerCube.skp

Quick Attach Module

We are using the Bobcat Standard Quick Attach module:

QuickAttach.jpg Quick Attach

File:Quick Attach.skp


Modular Wheel Units

These wheels mount on the frame tubing as quick-connect modules for the tractor:

Wheel Mount.jpg Wheel Mount

File:Wheel Mount.skp

This is a detail of the wheel module frame:

Wheelmount - edited 6-9-13.jpg


Modular Wheel Units

Rear Wheel Base

This is the current design of the entire rear wheel base.

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File:Rear Wheelbase.skp

Steering Pivot

This is a detail of the suggested pivot that joins the front and rear sections of the tractor.

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General Requirements

LifeTrac 6 Product Requirements

First Cut

Ltgc6-1.png Ltgc6-2.png


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