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These page lists improvements learned from lessons learned on the LifeTrac III prototypes. Please add as necessary.

Higher Reach

Consider higher lifting height by moving loader arm hinge pin all the way to rear of machine to accomodate longer arms.

And Using longer rams by: a)moving the loader ram mounts toward the rear of the machine &/or b)using bent loader arms that are 90 degrees

And/Or make the same size ram move the arm farther by: a)moving the point where the ram attaches to the loader arm closer to the loader arm pivot point, so

 ** Comprable size commercial machines achieve 10ft height from the ground to the Quick Attach. Guatemala's looks to be about 6ft.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Connection

It may be useful to have an auxiliary quick connection mount routed to the front of the loader.

Floor Plate

Current Lifetrac has no floor plate which is a safety concern. A floor plate should be added to the next design.

Roof Plate

A roof plate is another safety feature that should be looked into. Perhaps made of a metal mesh.

Safety Screen

A safety screen should be added to the sides when occupant is in the vehicle so that arms cannot get caught under the loader arms accidentally. Could be made of a lighter metal mesh.


In the event of a rollover, the occupant needs to be secure in the seat.

Driver Position

Currently due to the driver being so far rearward it is difficult to see precision work with the quick attach plate like when picking pallets. It may be possible to move the driver more forward in the vehicle. It would require redesign of quite a few things but should be considered.

Vehicle control mechanisms

Current vehicle control mechanisms are via push levers for everything which is difficult and non-intuitive. Beginning research into a foot pedal mechanism for controlling the QA plate angle would be beneficial.

Additional controls for the skid steering like joysticks would be useful too but may be too complicated.

Field of view improvements

Head lights

Attaching headlight mounts to the front of the frame for operation at night is useful.

Optimized hydraulic locations for maximum lifting capacities

The locations of the hydraulics and how they push on the loader arms need to be optimized.

Track Design

Current tracks can slip off during hard riding. Proposes for redesign of tracks or adjustment of current tracks is desired.


Safety Info - PDF on preventing injury and death with skid loader design.