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These tasks are to determine what is required to adopt the Bobcat standard for the quick attach (QA) plate. The rational is that there are many existing Bobcat tools existing and it would be useful to be able to utilize them with the LifeTrac without requiring a QA Conversion Plate.

Previous discussion on adopting the SAE J2513 standard [[Quick_Attach_Plate_Standard| took place here], however I believe the best method going forward is to create a single, simple to fabricate design that meets the standard spec while providing a cross member in the center that allows the attachment of smaller implements.

Other Names: Bob-Tach, Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach Plate


  1. Get dimensions and critical features of the current Bobcat standard
    1. Mount Dimensions - SAE J2513
  2. Redesign the current QA plate to the Bobcat standard with OSE principles of available manufacturing technologies
    1. Very Good DIY Instructions - Use this as the start. Contacted creator and there is no problem republishing on OSE.
      1. PDF Drawing
      2. Parts List
      3. Will need to slightly modify design to allow small implement attachment in the center on the cross bar support or create standard QA plate for small tools with various hole patterns for mounting other implements.
  3. Determine mating tool tolerance and feature requirements
    1. Commercial Weld-on Solution
    2. Mount Dimensions - SAE J2513
    3. DIY Weld On Plate - From the same creator as the DIY quick attach plate linked above (Mike Blaney)
  4. Provide a redesign of the mounting surfaces on the soil pulverizer