LifeTrac IV/User's Manual

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Mounting Tracks

You will need:

  • Cable hoist
  • Air Compressor
  • Pliers
  • Gloves
  1. Let the air out of the tires, preferably while the wheels are still on the ground
  2. Lift the tractor up using a hoist or a jack
  3. Drag the tracks underneath tires, wrap one end around front tire
  4. Hook cable hoist onto the 5th track of the front tire track
  5. Put slack in cable hoist
  6. Wrap track around back tire
  7. Chain other end of cable hoist onto 7th track of the other end
  8. Straighten out tracks
  9. Make sure cable hoist is hooked onto center of tracks
  10. Begin to tighten cable hoist
  11. When it's tight enough to bring the ends together, pin the tracks
  12. Loosen cable hoist, slowly and carefully
  13. Run power cube to turn wheels enough to get the chain and hoist off the tire, remove both
  14. Inflate tires