Lifetime Design Housing

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What elements constitute houses that can last hundreds of years?

Primary considerations are keeping moisture out, or safety from high winds. Rock, concrete, dirt, and steel last in general - but if we use wood or sheet metal, those lifetimes are limited.

Some measures to consider:

  1. Lifetime roof: membrane + living roof. Soil protects the roof for ever.
  2. CEBs - last 100s of years when protected from water. Stabilized with cement, can last like rocks. Using Basket Technique for seismic stabilization.
  3. Extruded polystyrene under gravel for low-cost foundations, on undisturbed ground. Floor surface - rammed earth, stabilized.
  4. Steel space frames - galvanized or painted. Would last 100s of years with 1/2" welded rebar.

Not Easy

  1. Rock - great idea - but hard to move rock. Castles are made of rock, though.


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