List of Navigational Satellite Constellations

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  • These can be used anywhere on earth, although they may still favor zones for coverage


  • The Original, Worldwide, yet some regions require additional networks to receive proper coverage (See Regional Networks) (USA Owned and operated)
  • GPS


  • Russian Owned and Operated (Provides better coverage of Area Near the earth's poles, but lesser accuracy overall)


  • EU owned and operated
  • May be more accurate the GPS but has similar coverage
  • Newer so some issues associated to it being new (there was an outage for a while in 2019)


  • China Owned and Operated
  • In a sort of transition between regional coverage to worldwide
  • Public Accuracy is a Few Meters (2.5-3 depending on if in Asia, or Elsewhere respectively
  • Military has an encrypted cm level channel (Similar to early GPS before the public was allowed accuracy)


  • These allow for regional use (typically the country that owns it, or a local effort by countries that use it) or higher accuracy and/or covarage for existing systems such as GPS, in the latter case this is a method of GNSS Enhancement


  • Indian Regional System
  • May expand into a worldwide system as the GINS


  • Japan's Regional System
  • As of now, no plans to expand into a worldwide system (Most likely due to standing with USA as an ally and thus no need to be independant from a potentially tactial system)
  • QZSS

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