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Knowledge is power. Absolute distribution of knowledge is the absolute distribution of power. LoD 500 CAD is absolute knowledge of physical artifacts, and thus the absolute distribution of power.

To get to the CAD stage, Design Guides are required to liberate one from BS Design to informed design. Therefore, the key to the absolute distribution of power is absolute distribution of design knowhow. This means a new operating system for the technosphere - one based on transparency, inclusion, and sharing. Design Guides serve a critical part in this distribution of power. Thus, the absolute distribution of power revolves around perfection of Design Guides: developing and communicating coherent, integrated principles of good design.

The issue in current civilization (2023) is that such dissemination of good design is impossible, because the best designs are proprietary or trade secret.

LoD 500 CAD + Design Guides is translatable to (1) digital fabrication (3D printing, precision machining, down to air bearing accuracy), (2) augmented reality build procedure creation (every student becomes a content creator), (3) MMOG gamification (for learning how to build), (4) mission planning for remote control vehicles (site grading, earthworks, materials handling assist, delivery (across all media), surveys, data collection, demining, and build documentation - among others. The Apprentice themself participates in contributing to the part libraries used in this entire process.