Lulzbot TAZ Tractor Scale Model 3D Printing Tutorial

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Start with an image of what we are trying to print -

DSC 3829small.jpg

and new design-for-fabrication model of frame:


Let's take TAZ and prototype the above tractor as a scale model:


Tractor 3D Printing Files

We observed that simply scaling the 1/4"x4"x4" tubing of Lifetrac by 8x (to generate 1/2" tubing) resulted in a 1/16" wall thickness instead of 1/32". So scaling is not working. We need to draw these tubes manually.

The tubes for 3D printing are 1/32" wall thickness x 1/2"x1/2" tubing. Draw these in sketchup by extruding a 1/2" square, then offsetting for a 1/32" face, to punch out the middle. Make sure that you offset for punching out the middle of the tube before extruding the holes.

To draw the holes, draw the first hole at 1/4" away from the middle of the edge

  • [3x] 11 hole tube- tops transerse -
  • [2x] 17 hole tube- top parallels -
  • [4x] 13 hole tube- front verticals -
  • [5x] 15 hole tube- 2 rear verticals, 3 bottoms transverse
  • [4x] 19 hole tube- bottom parallels
  • [10x] pivot plates
  • [3x] hollow shaft


  • [2x] 8 hole tube - forearms
  • [2x] 16 hole tube - arms
  • [2x] 14 hole tube- attachment plate
  • [4x] 4 hole connector plate (4"x16" in real life)


  • 4" tall compared to 1/2" tubing