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Project Requirements

  • From the Project's Wiki:

"The following is a list of product requirements for the Index. These must be true for the project to be considered achieving the initial goal.

  • Automated - no human interaction necessary from attaching the paste-applied board to the machine to having a board ready for reflow
  • Capable of picking and placing components down to 0603 passives
  • Integrated up and down vision for fiducial scanning and on-nozzle component alignment
  • Automatic nozzle tip changer to support a wide range of component sizes
  • Frame and motherboard design capable of future upgrades
  • Mechanical and Electrical support for conveyor belt module
  • Mechanical and Electrical support for solder paste dispensing head
  • Expansion ports for hacking and interfacing with the machine
  • Feeder Implementation - System supports banks of intelligent, powered feeders
  • Feeders can handle down to 4mm pitch components
  • Feeders can handle 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 24mm tape, both paper and plastic
  • Feeders can hold a standard 7" diameter reel of components.
  • Support for feeder communication in Marlin and OpenPnP"

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Overarching Documentation Website

  • The Page
  • "https: // docs . opulo . io" compared to the normal site "https: // opulo . io" (Doesn't seem to be too clear of a way to get from one to the other?)
  • Really well made page though, definitely something we could do! sort of does this, as well as on-wiki product pages/that template, but something like what they did may be neat.



  • The Project's Wiki
    • It appears to be a Wiki on Github ? May just be coming from a Wikipedia/OSE Wiki perspective but it seems a bit different?

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