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  • A Device for turning plastic regrind or Plastic Pellets into Plastic Filament to recycle plastic
  • Can then be used in an FDM 3D Printer
  • Total Cost ~400 USD (skimmed bom?) ~16x 1kg 25 USD Filament Spools until it breaks even


We ordered the Lyman Filament Maker from Hugh Lyman (the developer) first in August 2018, and were very happy with the results. However, the current Lyman design is not robust and could use improvements for:

  1. Simpler build - reducing part count from about 250 parts to under 100.
  2. Stronger casing
  3. Stronger motor-auger coupler
  4. Using common, off-the shelf materials for the casing (steel and lumber) instead of plastic
  5. Larger barrel so we can handle regrind, not virgin pellets. Hugh Lyman has not used regrind in his model with the 1/2" barrel. We can build on Precious Plastic's 1" barrel design, which is good for waste plastic.

With this in mind, we designed the #OSE Simple Filament Maker below. This has not yet been built as of January 2021. We plan on the same motor as Hugh Lyman, followed by a smaller inexpensive motor like in the OSE Shredder.

OSE Simple Filament Maker

  • Should this get it's own dedicated page?


Building the next iteration, the OSE simplified version.

2018 - 3 More Builds





See other FB posts on build prep - [1]


  • Thingiverse v6 download - includes build manual - [2]
  • v5 download with manual - was RAMPS based with 150 kg-cm stepper. Ma

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Your work appears to be very interesting.

I don't visualize my being involved in your workshop as I am now 87 years old living in Enumclaw, Washington.

My latest Filament Extruder, Version 6 is the only extruder I am now supporting. It is my favorite extruder and all my filament is now produced with the three I have made. It extrudes 3mm (2.65mm) filament at about 1/2 lb/hour with the gear motor running at 25 rpm. The motor is rated for 33 rpm but under load it only goes about 25. . A faster gear motor with about 100 kg-cm of torque may give 1 lb/hr. I get a filament that varies not more than .05mm with the extruder wall mounted.

This extruder is posted on Thingiverse and is open source CC share alike. The posting includes a BOM. Also there is a video on YouTube.

Hugh Lyman


  • Uses 173 kg-cm torque motor (150 lb in) , but a 10 lb-in stepper (2 nema 17, 80 oz-in motors) reduced 10x may be sufficient (so still can use small, cheap steppers, no more than $20 in stepper motor costs. Advantage is that we are introducing no new parts to the GVCS, as steppers are already used.

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