MIG Casting

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Concept: the idea here is to peform casting - without the bulk melt. The molten metal comes from a MIG welder - which is a ready source of molten metal in the absence of a melting or induction furnace. The MIG wire melt is simply used as the source of molten metal.


  1. 3D print a form
  2. Make a cast form with Plaster of Paris or a higher temperature formula for steel.
  3. MIG weld into it using aluminum or steel wire.

Low Temperature

  • For aluminum, ZA, brass - plaster of paris will work
  • For steel, higher temperature investment casting slurry needs to be used. This appears to be more advanced, and slurries may not be available transparently. (Refractory Cement? I have seen this being used for small scale forges, it can be found at hardware stores.

Working Document



  • Get flux core aluminum MIG wire (gasless) - $11 - [1]
  • Make a 3D print with hole for electrode
  • Make a mold via plaster of paris. See Plaster Mold Casting
  • Fill with MIG welder

Comparison to Powder (Sintering or Melting Methods)

  • Simpler lacking lasers or electron beams
  • More sealed ie not porous

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