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This is a possiboe schedule for an Integrated Human in spring, with 14 hours of day is the following. First, one should be up during the day, which if that were the case - would be starting 6 AM, and going to sleep at 8 PM. That seems like an odd schedule, but that's what daily cycle implies. How close should it be to reality in the temperate zone?

  1. Sleep - 10 hr
  2. Daily Routine - 1.5 hr. Yoga and meditation. 2 hours planning and big vision work.
  3. Work - 8 hr. 1/2 hour lunch.
  4. People time - meetings and family - 0-2 hr
  5. Physical Exercise - 0-2 hrs., every other day. Should maybe alternate with rejuvenative exercise such as P90X3 light sessions: yoga, pilates, dynamic exercise, etc.

Exercise is important. The above schedule includes a balance of mental-physical-spiritual activity based on primarily creative work.