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  • A 3-Axis CNC Mill / CNC Router where most parts are 3D Printed
  • Similar to the RepRap concept in that way
  • The main non-printed parts are:
    • The rods/aluminium extrusions
    • The spindle
    • The motors
    • The electronics
    • The screws
  • Not open source.
  • Cost: $412 without frame and spindle. Great deal.
  • $277 for electronics and parts - very competitive
  • $135 for 3D printed parts
  • Frame - not included
  • Spindle - not included

Decent design for a basic mill, but not highly scalable for heavy duty applications. Not open source.

Compared to D3D Circuit Mill BOM

V1 Engineerings sells their basic parts kit for $277 with Ultimachine controller. Ours is $150 for parts with RAMPS controller, (no frame, 3d printed parts, or spindle) if you get them yourself, so $120 for a kit is a reasonable markup. Their pricing structure is a good model for OSE.


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