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  • A Router controlled via CNC
  • Allows for the Subtractive Manufacturing of Mainly Wood or Acrylic
  • Essentially a much more basic CNC Mill with a much shorter z axis (due to sheets being the main feedstock), and a Router or Rotary Tool instead of a CNC Spindle
  • Useful for Wood Prototypes, Drone Frames, and precision wood parts
  • Also may be useful simply for automating wood cutting in an affordable way, allowing time to be spent elsewere
  • Can cut thicker wood and plastic than most small laser cutters as well

Industry Standards

Small Scale

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Should be Able to Handle Various Woods and Plastics, as well as composites like Carbon Fiber
  • Should be compatible with OTS Rotary Tools and Routers, as well as OSE Designs
  • Should Use either the Universal Axis or the Precision Universal Axis
  • Should Allow For Air Jets, And Vacuum Chip Extraction (A hose for each)

Basic Design


  • Either Welded Metal, or Metal Extrusions
  • Focus is on density, and squareness/levelness/parallelness, this all leads to stability and precision

Router Mount

  • A Standardized Plate with Adapters for OTS Spindles

Input/Output Panel

  • Air In
  • Suction In
  • Vacuum Cleaner Output In

Motion System

  • 2-3 axis modules for the X and Y axis
  • 2 axis modules for the Z axis (Perhaps of a larger variety)

Sacrificial Board + Holder System

  • A Board of Cheap Wood is put above the baseplate to allow for some room for error and to protect the surface from wear



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