March 2017

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Mon March 27, 2017

Working meeting: first 30 minutes covers the process of verifying completion by examing the FreeCAD Design - Labeled and Linked Exploded Part Diagram - Bill of Materials.

Working doc:


Mon March 20, 2017

Individual module files are approved for D3D. Moving on to 8, 12, 16" versions of D3D.

Mon March 13, 2017

CAD largely done, team growing, instructional template + begin of instructionals.

Beginning on Working Instructional Documents. See video above for what is going on here. Instructionals are broken down module by modulee.

Mon March 6, 2017

Team Meeting

More about how modular design works. Developing teams in different parts of the world. Then extruder, frames DXFs for the 3D printer.

FreeCAD Workflows

12 minute video on FreeCAD based workflows: concept, design, modularity, BOMs, exploded part diagrams, visual bill of materials, fabrication drawings, and more.

D3D updated to build of frame and axes.

  • Emmanouil - source frame; finish frame CAD + Integration
  • Richard - recruit a Blender person -
  • Cedric -
  • Jean-Baptiste - source frame; infographic - start with D3D Page - especially parts breakdown. 1 part count frame, magnetic, tool head magnetic, completely modular scalable, Cat 5 wiring, minimum parts count high performance - no moving bed; enclosable structure - warm inside; Construction Set Approach - huge; design for social production XM - stadium scale build.
  • Jonathan - build ongoing
  • Jose Urra - BOM for D3D; updating extruder files
  • Marcin - source frame - do infographic text; electronics