March 4, 2016 - Distributive Enterprise - Collaborative Marketing - Filament Maker

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Working Links: Roadmap + 3D Printing Roadmap - Design Sprints + Marketing Strategy + Start a new Doc.


Working Document:

Dear Design Sprinters,

We would like to host our next sprint for Friday, March 4, at 1 PM CST USA time. If you are interested in helping us develop collaborative marketing for the 3D printer workshop - which you could benefit from if you decide to learn how to run 3D printer workshops from us - then please join us.

Please review this 1 minute video:

And the survey is here -

During the Design sprint:

We will do a presentation for 15 minutes on Distributie Enterprise and how collaborative marketing plays a part. Then 30 minutes of actual work on Collaborative Marketing. What is that? One part is developing contact lists for a press release. Yes, it's the long boring work - but if there is a lot of people on the call, then this can go fast. There could be people on the call - and watching the livestream - where the livestream can handle unlimited numbers of people.

Then we will finish with 15 minutes introducing the next concept - which is the modular design of the next machine - extruder for making filament out of waste plastic. This will interest more people - once we are cleaning up the environment from plastic waste, such as telling your uncle to save that plastic car bumber for you so you can turn it into 3D printing filament. We will then recruit commitments for the next week's design sprint.

Our goal is to build common understanding of process - so we can engage development say with 1000 people on a design sprint in the future. That is still a goal. For tomorrow, please familiarize yourself with Google Slides and Google Spreadsheets - cloud collaborative documents that allow many people to contribute material at the same time in realtime. That's how we can work together remotely as a large group.

See Design Sprint for instructions

Thanks, Macin