Marketing Strategy

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  • Website. Build. Design. Develop. Buy. Requires 3D printer cluster with filament maker. Part kits from Print Cluster. Main challenge is developing robust production engineering: self-replicating 3D printing of industrial capacity. Ordering software to order, view print in progress, get automated messages of progress, etc. FB API to post automatically to FB from your print order. LAI, WebGL, product manual and specs. 3' print volume, and construction set for larger printers. Not done yet.
  • Conference or university speaker + workshop event.
  • Other exploration:
  • Technical schools
  • Direct mail for kits and classes
  • Reframe around CAD/Design/Enterprise training
  • Market build training to workshop spaces/hackerspaces
  • Enterprise Competitions by First Robotics teams. Weekend to design and test a machine, develop sourcing, to build a website, opensource it, for a revenue model. Always building upon prior art in Wordpress.

2016 Marketing Strategy is part of OSE Roadmap: