Marcin Jakubowski Commitments

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3.5.09 Goals

  • Build MicroTrac within one month, to power CEB prototype 2
  • Build pulverizer/loader described on the recent blog post
  • Build CEB press with large hopper within a month
  • Obtain bids for steam engine, Babington burner, flash steam generator, lathe, induction furnace, and pyrolysis oil reactor.

11.7.08 Goals

Nov 2008

  • 1 month - I commit to building the flexible workshop at Factor e Farm by the end of November, to make a dedicated space for developing CEB Press digital fabrication beginning in November. As soon as this space is completed, it will be used for sawmill prototype development by Robert Todd, who is here at Factor e Farm.
  • Review: Goal not met. Workshop addition brick pressing took 3 weeks instead of one due to workflow and personnel issues. Mainly - one person can produce 200 bricks per day - due to the difficult work of soil loading. On Robert Todd - he is here on and off, and progress on the sawmill will be taken up by others on the Factor e Home Team.
  • 6 month goal - This takes us to the end of April. The goal is to have the CEB machine in full production, with a capacity of 4 machines being produced every week. This includes building the entire physical infrastructure and recruiting 4 more people to operate the facility, on an on-demand production basis.
  • Review: Overall, progress towards 6 month goal is on schedule as of Dec. 1, 2008.

Dec 2008

  • 1 Month:
    • I commit to finishing the workshop addition. As of Dec. 2, a part of the rear CEB wall is up. We should have no problems with this. Jeremy arrived Dec. 2, Ken is here, and Nick is expected Dec. 5. Robert Todd should be here for truss roof completion.
    • Commit to deploying the 1000 True Fans - 1000 Global Villages campaign - for funding GVCS Deployment at 1000 people committing to $10 per month.
    • Commit to finishing the XYZ table prototype - a working version, with sample cuts performed - ready to fabricate CEB prototype 2.