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  • This page puts the learned info from: Marketing Strategy into effect?
  • (On this note: Merge the pages or are they different enough?)
  • Good marketing is the best multiplier for event success. To be successful, a minimum number of people have to show up.
  • A marketing plan starts with a qualified audience. An existing email list may be used. Lead generation may be pursued via an opt-in email signup in exchange for some free product. The approach most favorable to OSE is educational marketing: by constantly providing educational materials, people become interested in the project.
  • Using an email list, an automated email series can be generated. For that useful educational assets should be generated. Infographics, design manuals, how-tos, videos, e-books, and many other assets can be generated.


  • Distribution, not product, is the lead cause of startup failure. [1]
  • Make your marketing so valuable that people are paying you for it. This is being tested with the [Extreme Enterprise Hackathon]] of 2021. This is beyond “Make your marketing so useful people would pay you for it.” [2]

OSE Product Development, 2020

Marketing Plan and Channels


Specific Example of Marketing Workshops Via Speaking Engagements

Note: this is not a strategy that OSE proved. Aspects of this have been implemented, but not the entirety.

  1. Secure a speaking engagement or public lecture on the evening before the event to attract extra participants. Use Sample Speaker Contract if relevant.
  2. Draw up a timeline and key assets that you will be releasing on that timeline to stimulate interest in the workshop. This should include a marketing video and as much compelling education as possible.
  3. Collect top marketing assets:
  4. Automate a publishing schedule on social media by pre-scheduling posts. Do the same for an email schedule.
  5. Determine marketing goals. How many people do you want to show up to your event? If that many show up, how will you pursue sourcing of parts?
  6. Create a referral program. Draw up a list of referrals from amond interested organizations/individuals, and offer them a reward.
  7. Draw up a direct marketing flyer. Ask people at universities to post them for you.
  8. In a few sentences, write down your target market.
  9. In a few sentences, write down your value proposition. Narrow it down, and pursue communicating that specific proposition.
  10. Describe your competition. This will help you hone your unique value proposition.
  11. Describe your product clearly, so you can understand your value proposition. Be specific.
  12. Collect analytics on your downloads: number of downloads, number of people on email list.
  13. Identify a list of relevant podcasts. Organize podcast interviews a month before the event.
  14. Collaborate with leading synergistic practitioners for the event. Invite them to present their workshop a day after your workshop. Such as: Precious Plastic Grinder, Lyman Filament Extruder, 3D Printer Laser Cutter, 3D Printer CNC Mill, etc.