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Tue June 16, 2020

Josh, Joe, Andreas, Marcin, Jessica - [1]

Thu May 27, 2020

Good byline for our STEAM Camps here. Emphasize that we are solving pressing world issues, and present the subject matter in the same manner.

Learn to be a Supercooperator and solve Pressing World Issues.

You don't have to know everything. You only need to know a part. But you do need to understand how that part fits with everything else.

Sat May 9, 2020

A good emergent strategy for OSE consistent with its Collaborative Design mission is to do Collaborative Marketing. Defined as 'we post products on your page, you post products on our page'. On one side, this could be just for free and mutual, or at a fixed amount for each side. This builds on friendly relationships, and would require finding aligned open source people to do this - which contributes to the collaborative mission. Thus, the strong point of Collaborative Marketing is the essentially collaborative nature of that relationships, with potential hackathons or other development events as part of that effort. This is beneficial in terms of making friendships with others, and spreading our wares to other sites. This leverages OSE's unique quality of being the most universal product in terms of lifetime design with the lowest unique part count in the world, and an organization with a mission to open source the economy. To prepare, we need to define the Open Source Economy and sell that.

Also, press release on something, such as Global Village Construction Set 33%, or 3D Printer Construction Set, or Incentive Challenge, or High T Printer - are all relevant for publicity. That could be run in parallel with Kickstarter, and could be matched by presence on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Tindie,, and others.

Open Source Modular Microfactory Construction Set

Fri Mar 27, 2020

Hi Marcin – It seems as if it is possible to do Facebook look a like audiences also from who has liked your Facebook page, meaning we wouldn’t need to ad it to the webpage if we only use that data. Not sure if it’s enough data but we can try. It also says that we can use manual .csv data, not sure what demands are on those data in terms of what needs to have collected but perhaps google analytics works, or even the one we have now, can be used for the same purposes. We can always try to start with using data from who likes the Facebook page. It would still be Facebook, but only using Facebook data which Facebook already has through their portal, as compared to gather new data for Facebook through our. We can try that, 1. Starting with Facebook ads look a like from who likes our page, 2. See if we can add the existing aws data. And then if nr 2. Doesn’t work or if 1. And 2. doesn’t provide good enough results, we can see if we can use google analytics data for promoting our Facebook ads. It wouldn’t be as integrated with events tracking and such all in one package, but we can try and see if it gets the job done. Andreas