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This is the latest addition to OSE's Extreme Learning Events.

We bring together the world's leading authorities on open source software for crash courses in using open software for design, media, and engineering applications. This is specifically with intent of producing rapid-learning for OSE work.

Imagine getting the ultimate crash training on top applications, which you learn in hours instead of weeks. How? By a combination of distilled, expert guidance, a ready-to-run OSE Linux distribution, and applied exercises that make the point of learning lucid.

The unique value proposition here is learning collaborative workflows for solving larger problems

We focus on teachers who can teach, practical exercises that make the point of learning clear, and a vision to solve pressing world issues with collaboration. Do you want to learn to be a supercooperator, fueled by 100% open source toolchains? Join us.

Join us for 12 hours of the most distilled instructionals in the world, where in one weekend, you learn 80% of all the software you ever wanted to learn.



Video and Media



Machine Design

  • 3D Printer Design - MJ
  • Electric Motor Design -