May Prep

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Preparing for Summer of Extreme Production - June 1 - Aug 31. Top priorities:


  • Set date for MicroCube, Delta 3D Printer build, Sensor Construction Set, and Filament Extruder.

Extreme Dev Protocols

  • Seed main site with OSE Collaboration Architecture
  • Extreme Onboarding
  • Do workshop collaborator survey - to attract developers
    • robot arm, quad delta, micro power cube
  • Update Contributor Log to a pulldown of machines and modules
  • Instructional on FreeCAD + Media going to Dozuki Guides
    1. Explainer on Development Boards. Development Board Script. Development Board Manual Page.
  • Visit China to integrate Extreme Learning
  • CAD Systems Tutorial - how to go from any file format to another
  • Stabilize video editing infrastructure. Determine video quality and upload standards.
  • Stabilize image upload infrastructure
  • Improve Team Membership. Every project should have a form collecting names of developers, so everyone can communicate with one another. People can edit the responses to remove their info if they are no longer interested. Keeps list management on Contributor side - allowing self-management - and takes responsibility off group organizer (good design)


  1. Generate Construction Set on Modular Structures - both framed and CEB masonry
  2. Simple Off-Grid Microhouses - get PV panels + Simple MH Design
  3. Update Tech Team Culturing Survey - with map and a new wiki page - to take advantage of weekly design sprints, integrated within Development Week.
  4. Add more bandwidth to Factor e Farm


  • MREA contract - 2 presses
  • Shake down Pulverizer


CNC Torch

  • Organize design sprint every other day
  • Organize tech review:
  • Alignment Procedure
  • Gear rack meshing procedure and troubleshooting
  • Gas flow control
  • Z axis


Infrastructure Buildout

  1. Get van
  2. Confirm MREA
  3. Finalize all DPVs
  4. Get Mixer working
  5. Get new CEB controller
  6. Build next brick press
  7. Prepare modular buildout strategy
  8. Last ad push for DPVs
  9. Court and payment - thu a holiday. .
  10. pay import + WA tax
  11. Solar panels buy
  12. Campground design - hypermodular design
  13. Admin assistant
  14. Crowd source Brick Press Instructional
  15. General workshop feedback form
  16. Milwaukee tickets refund
  17. Get tablets
  18. Get some computers
  19. Prep for dozing - take down one structure, map for Dozer
  20. Propane tank - HabLab, 1000 gal.
  21. Microhouse propane tank - fill
  22. 3 internet lines in HabLab
  23. 24 seating in Hablab
  24. Install mailbox
  25. Install septic tank


  1. Liability waiver followup
  2. OSE filing due May 15
  3. Finalize state tax exemption, send to all Vendors (Sweiger, Schuske, Lowes, Menards, Sutherlands, Walmart, etc)
  4. Send out donation receipts
  5. Set up OSE paypal.
  6. Deposit checks
  7. Change PayPal address to MO
  8. Move forward on Solar Panels - buy more, get refund as well
  9. Too Many Questions Management Strategy
  10. CPR and First Aid Training


  • Call about tax filing
  • Mail extension letter (lunch time)
  • Locate pool
  • 6 PM CPR/first aid