OSE Documentation Philosophy

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Philosophy guides strategy and tactics.

OSE's documentation philosophy is such that when we document, we enable many aspects:

  1. CAD-BOM-Build-Data
  2. Development of FreeCAD workbenches
  3. Development of User Guides
  4. Development of Maintenance and Troubleshooting manuals
  5. Publication of books on various topics of open source ecology
  6. Creation of Cheatsheets for builds
  7. Time-binding by enabling others to study, use, improve documentation, focused on creating new economic possibilities
  8. Enabling rapid learning within groups, within divisions of OSE, and outside of OSE
  9. Documenting design rationales and choices for the purpose of creating Design Guides
  10. Developing workflows, ergonomics, and capturing data.
  11. And many others.

All together, all of the above should be captured in realtime crowd editable, open access documents that evolve constantly. See Work Doc. Each design, project, and area of endeavor shoudl