Metal Roofing

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  • The use of Metal Sheeting for roofing, rather than Shingle Roof , Green Roof , or Tile Roof
  • More Simple/Cheap to install than Tile Roofs, but still more durable than Shingle Roofs
  • May be more durable than both, need to look into this
  • Only real issue (Short of corrosion, if not using some form of coating / Anodization / Galvanization , or even just a Sacrificial Anode ) is noise when rain hits the roof, although there are noise reducing layers/strategies for this
  • They can become dented by hail, although this isn't a structural issue, just an aesthetic one
  • Also they are less prone to Ice dams / snow buildup due to shedding snow better (citation needed on this)
  • Also easily recyclable, unlike most other roofing options

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