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There is an effort to redesign the CEB press to Metric specifications underway as of June 1, 2012.

The most crucial changes have been made to the drawer and the frame. The metric frame is based on 16cm U-Channel (C-Channel) steel instead of 6" steel. The drawer is now 18cm high. Quantities were rounded up so as not to dilute the strength of the design. Some modifications were made to the relative thicknesses of the drawer components. The net strength should be about the same. M24 bolts have been selected as the main frame fasteners. These come in metric "10.9" stength specification which appears to be about the same as the grade 8 bolts used in the original design.

The hopper has retained its original length and width dimensions; the thickness of the steel has been changed to 3mm from 1/8" (3.17"). This is a notable exception to the rounding up design procedure mentioned above.

Metric CEB Under Sketchup Construction

So far, a preliminary reworking of the drawer, frame, arms, legs, feet, grate and hopper has been done in Google Sketchup. A spreadsheet file of metric part sizes is also to be made available soon. More work needs to be done on sketchup models of the sensors, holders, shaker mount and a few other details. The new CEB modifications made by James Slade are also to be incorporated. A Chinese version of the Bill of Materials has been created.

Please contact William Neal (william(dot)j(dot)a(dot)neal(at)gmail(dot)com) and Adam Messer messerad ==at) gmail (dot__ com with any comments or questions or also check out CEB Machines Mailing List

Here are some associated files (more to follow). These may serve as a basis for creating a metric version of the build instructions. The original files were prepared with extensive use of Chinese characters so that the Chinese engineers could use them. An English-only version of the files is under preparation.

Bill of Materials - China

Most of the required parts have been sourced in Nanjing, China. A few were obtained from "TaoBao", the Chinese "Ebay" site.


Source: - Hua Long Electronics Shop - 110 East Zhong Shan Road, Central Nanjing.

  • PCB Board
  • Resistors
  • Wire
  • LEDs
  • Terminals
  • Reset Switch
  • Diodes

Source: TaoBao (These links tend to change - recommend looking in the parts list and finding fresh URLS)

  • Hall Effect Sensors
  • Magnets


Source: A steel supplier in Nanjing (lost contact information; looking for it)


Source: A hydraulics supplier in Nanjing (lost contact information; looking for it) who orders Tonger Hydraulics from Taiwan

Drawings and Other Files

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