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March, Tuesday 18, 2014

I was asked to past where I got the dimensions for the motor mount in the soil pullverizer. Here they are.

Bearing (General) http://www.surpluscenter.com/Power-Transmission/Bearings/Flange-Mount-Bearings/1-7-8-4-BOLT-FLANGE-BEARING-1-210-30-4.axd

Bearing (Detailed) http://www.surpluscenter.com/_MoreSpecs/AS4B.pdf

Motor Mounting Holes (SAE A) http://www.hydraulicsupermarket.com/upload/db_documents_doc_18.pdf

March, Friday 14,2014

Design review was completed. and some touch up on the Hab lab. For design review go to Andrew Graham's Log. Andrew Graham Log

March, Thursday 13, 2014

Finished Soil Pulverizer! File:SoilPulverizer.skp

Soil Mixer w/o lid SoilPulverizer.PNG

March, Wednesday 12, 2014

Worked more on soil mixer. I created the standard parts in Sketchup and plan on designing the mount for the motor tomorrow. File:MotorMount.skp

March, Tuesday 11, 2014

Worked more on the Soil Mixer. File:SoilMixer.skp Also I started to created to parts for the Motor attachment for the soil mixer. MotorMount.jpg

After lunch I helped with various tasks around HabLab. For example: 2nd Whitewash coat, Moving bricks so we could whitewash on second side of Hablab.

March, Monday 10, 2014

Started more designing on the Soil Mixer. File:SoilMixer.skp

After lunch Catarina and I started to whitewash the hablab and it looked great! Also the H2O heater was finally installed! Hot showers are great!

March, Sunday 9, 2014

Started coming up with some concepts for the Soil pulverizer in the morning After lunch I busted out a couple holes in the bathroom of the HabLab to begin the install on the new H2O heater.

March, Saturday 8, 2014

Arrived at OSE today for the first time today.