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  • An emerging humanitarian effort approach
  • Consists of giving small loans with little intrest typically, to people with little collatoral, employment, etc
  • Similar in part to the "Teach Someone to Fish" metaphor
  • Typically done to allow them to buy equipment, and start a business/service
  • Is UN recomended to help aleviate poverty in developing areas (post sources later)
  • Solves the The "Poor Can Only Afford to Buy A Tool Once" Issue to a certain extent
  • Also goes well with Job Training and Entrepreneurial Training , and Business Plans + Business Drop Kits (forget if "drop kit" was the right term? Essentially all the paperwork, plans, and even machine parts etc in one "package" ) to promote success
  • CAN be done in a corrupt/exploative manner, but assuming various watchdog organisations are involved etc, it tends to be very helpful in the serviced areas
    • Biggest issues seems to:
      • Large Intrest Rates (which is almost against the purpose OF microcredit)
      • Debt Traps
      • Paperwork etc (Can be solved with simplification, and "down to earth" education on the concept
      • Making sure the money is "spent right" (mainly solved via proper guidance, training, and follow ups etc)
  • OSE Application could be a sort of "adopt a makerspace" type fundraiser program

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