The "Poor Can Only Afford to Buy A Tool Once" Issue

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(Shouldn't this be The "Poor Can Only Afford to Buy A Tool _Repeatedly_"!?) I love it! Perhaps just add to the preface/basics section?


  • This is an issue where you can buy a 5 USD tool or a 50 USD tool that lasts 10x as long
  • The 50 USD tool will make sense in the long run, but if you don't have 50 USD to spend you can get trapped in the cycle of buying the same cheaper tool over and over
    • Also, the 50 USD tool vendor may offer reasonable repair options and spare parts
  • The added "cost" can also be in time making the tool, time spent in the more frequent maintenance, lost time from less efficiency/throughput, and a less enjoyable experience in using the tool


  • Finding a good (personal) trade-off when making a purchasing decision


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