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Dear Migraine Craftsman,

You are the only YT channel I know of who stands real to affordable housing, showing all the numbers. You are also a teacher. As such, this is close to our work. We're working on a highly replicable 1000 sf model for $120k which is also a construction set for housing, designed to be built by novices in a modular way. We've built 3 prototypes already. Please see the CAD if you use FreeCAD, and overall design is here. We have exhaustive details on design and build, all open source, and we are starting a tech school program to disseminate this wide. We believe in Distributive Enterprise - teaching people how to replicate enterprise as part of a collaborative ecosystem. Also, we build our houses in 5 days with crews of 24 people.

Would like to see if you would be interested in collaborating with us, based on what appears our shared mission-driven approach. (You can see the initial idea on Kickstarter here, and the overall Global Village Construction Set here). We are looking for collaborators. Specifically - crew leaders, instructors, or for hired work to collaborate on improving and documenting build techniques, as well as CAD drafting. We aim to start our apprenticeship here likely in March 2023. Just reaching out to see if you have any interest in collaborating and bringing this work to the world.