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Education and Training

Finca Las Nubes, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua / December 2010
Commercial Aquaponics with Applied Permaculture 10 day intensive course at Finca las Nubes or "Farm in the Clouds". Innovated the tool used to make holes in rafts by modifying the saw blade. Illustrated the schematic used to lead a project constructing a Fly Larvae Hatchery. Was invited back to run the aquaponics system.

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design / Milwaukee, WI / January 2006 - May 2010
B.F.A. with honors in Industrial Design. Mentored by David Martin, Provost of MIAD. One of two students that drafted and signed a proposal to reform the intellectual property policy in regards to student being required to forfeit all creative IP developed during sponsored projects in return for cash prizes. Initiated MIAD's adoption of the Designers Accord. Completed two book reviews as open source paraphrased editions to enable rapid learning of core ideas.

Milwaukee Area Technical College / Milwaukee, WI / August 2003 - May 2004
Technical diploma with honors in Electrical Power Distribution. Performed as crew leader during installation of overhead three-phase primary distribution circuit. Able to climb a 40 foot utility pole in 7 seconds. Set the course record for a drill requiring rescuing an injured worker from overhead wires 30 feet high.

United States Marine Corps / Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA / April 2002 - July 2002
Graduated USMC boot camp follwed by 8 weeks of training at the USMC School of Infantry training. Meritoriously promoted for my role as squad leader while having no voice. Finished three-mile run 35 seconds ahead of my drill instructor that I challenged. Fastest 3-mile run in the Battalion at 17:00 minutes. Highest Physical Fitness Test results in the Battalion with a perfect 300. Top 4% on knowledge test. Scored 83 on Armed Services Aptitude Battery.

Employment, Deployment, and Experience

Social Entrepreneur Grass Valley, CA / December 2011-present
Individually completed demo, deep clean, and renovation of a horse stable housing 15 years of storage in 3 months at Grass Valley Organics in trade for managing and developing meaningful projects. Recruited assistance when needed for larger aspects of the job. Building to facilitate planned vermiculture and aquaponics systems. Synergizing current projects with the evolving function and purpose of the property by communicating with all stakeholders. Developing a comprehensive plan to activate the machine shop, wood shop, welding area, and classroom space. December 2011 - April 2013

Henderson Springs Big Bend, CA / Fall 2011
Operated a 80,000lb gross weight Komatsu HM400 Articulated Dump Truck during a lake drudging project to add depth to a lake to increase dissolved oxygen and provide better drought protection. Safely operated at 40- 50 loads per day. Safely maneuvered material on mountainous back roads. Was able to trouble shoot and identify malfunctions within 1st week of operating such equipment.

United States Marine Corps, Infantry Unit Mobilization / North Babil Province, Iraq / June 2004 - April 2005
USMC reserve unit Fox Co. 2/24 activated 2 weeks after technical diploma from MATC. Humvee driver for Executive Officer. Radio Operator in Command Post. Member of the breach team on night ops. Squad provided security on the rooftop of the polls during the first democratic elections. Worked in temperatures over 100 degrees with only 2 Utility uniforms and no access to showers for 55 days and only hot bottled water to drink. Our company established a new forward operating base in a combat zone where previous active duty units have been unsuccessful. Earned my Combat Action Ribbon.

Notable Achievements

Invited to speak to an Effective Communication, Management, and Action class at Presidio Graduate School about how the work I am involved with provides a living example of the principles described in a Harvard Business Review publishing titled, "Creating Shared Value: How to reinvent capitalism and unleash a wave of growth and innovation." November 2011

Annual attendee of theGreenermind Summit in the Mendocino Woodlands. This secluded conference location enables practicing sustainability professionals from all disciplines and market sectors to collaborate in an environment that emphasizes individual contribution and open collaboration while fostering meaningful conversations over a 4 day camping trip with no outside communication. This platform provides opportunities to network and promote projects that can change the world. June 2010, 2011, and scheduled for June 2012.

Co-authored, along with over 100 progressive individuals from academic and professional institutions all over the world, the "Integrating Sustainability into Design Education: The Toolkit" while representing MIAD at the Global Summit on Design Education &Sustainability held at the Autodesk gallery in San Francisco, CA. October 2009.

Boldness and entrepreneurship
I discovered that could not be physically, spiritually, and mentally happy while innovating meaningless consumer products while finishing my B.F.A. in Industrial Design. I had to center myself after 4 years engaging the military institution and 4 years in an institution of higher education. I moved to a town of 150 people in an isolated town in Northern California to work, immerse myself in nature, work with a community where I could see the results of my work, and get involved with the Big Bend Hot Springs Project. I moved with all of my belongings and a 50cc scooter. I enjoyed becoming a member of a unique and caring community while finding my purpose. I had a job within 2 days and volunteered my time building stone steps as work trade to enable my attendance at an appropriate technology and developing intentional communities classes at a permaculture course that was being held the week I arrived in town. That is when I committed to attending the aquaponics course in Nicaragua where I met my current project partners. June 2010-November 2011.

Practical Skills
Leadership, prototyping, ergonomics, communication, product development, radical innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, systems thinking, design thinking, critical thinking, concept ideation and visualization, sketching, form design, research and development, project management, chaordic objectivism, tact, conflict resolution, networking, meme propagation, enthusiasm, endurance, visual-spatial learning, soul driven ambitions, integrity, and courage.

Mexico to visit family in 1993 and 1996. Denmark for international training ops with the USMC in Summer 2003. "Triangle of Death" North Babil Province, Iraq from September 2004-April 2005. One month studying abroad for Art History in Florence, Italy. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua for aquaponics training.

Activities and Interest
Personal growth and reformation, experiential learning, community development, the Renaissance, deterministic future, functional art, billiards, poetry, ruminating.

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