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The purpose of this page is to give info to wade through the red tape that is Mizzou's ORG.


Each group must have a President, Treasurer and Primary Contact on file with the ORG. The president and treasurer must attend training in order to release the 'training holds'. Each training session is only 1 hour long and is pretty harmless.


In order to receive money for travel and honorariums, you must submit detailed budgets on time. These are very easy, but you must be able to justify each budget with the proper documentation (ie. you must prove its a real event). You must use websites with the url located on the top of the printout. This is very important. If the proof looks faked, you will get denied.

Posted Matter

This is what incomplete information ORG has posted on their website:

Starting a student group:

Are you interested in starting a new student organization on campus? Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to joining MU’s rich tradition of involvement.

1. Fill out the questions below about your student organization.

2. E-mail your answers to ORG at studentorgs@missouri.edu, Attn: Vice-Chair of Administration

3. The Vice-Chair of Administration will contact you to set up a meeting.

4. Meet with the Vice-Chair of Administration and discuss your organization. At the meeting, you will receive information on a quality Constitution and the process for becoming a new student organization.

5. Complete a Constitution and email it to studentorgs@missouri.edufor approval by the Vice-Chair of Administration. You will be notified if your document needs revision or if it has been approved.

6. Complete a database entry for your new group by logging on to the following website: https://theorg.missouri.edu/studentlogin.aspx

7. Make sure your advisor emails studentorgs@missouri.eduand confirms their agreement to serve as your advisor.

8. When the above steps have been completed, you will be notified of the date at which your new group will be presented to the SOGA committee for recognition. You do not need to attend this meeting.

9. Approximately 5-7 business days after the meeting, you will be notified of your new group's status. Questions for new student organizations

Student Group Questionnaire

1. What is the name of your organization?

2. What is the purpose of your organization?

3. Why are you interested in starting a student organization?

4. Are there any other organizations on campus that share a similar purpose?

5. Are you interested in working closely with any other organizations on campus?

6. Has your club ever been recognized on the MU campus?

7. Who are the officers of your organization?

8. What are your and your other officers’ affiliations with other recognized student organizations?

9. Are you affiliated with a national organization?

10. What classification would you consider your organization under: Academic, Cultural/International, Religious, Minority, Honorary, Greek, Greek- NPHC,Political,Service, Special Interest, or Sports?

11. If “Sports,” what are the activities that your club will be involved in?

SOGA Meetings The Committee on Student Organizations, Governments and Activities (SOGA) recommends approval or denial of University recognition for all prospective student organizations. SOGA meets approximately once a month during the academic year to consider new organization recognition. All final decisions are made by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

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