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(see also Mizzou Student ORG)

E-mail your answers to ORG at, Attn: Vice-Chair of Administration. The Vice-Chair of Administration will contact you to set up a meeting.

1.What is the name of your organization?

Open Source Ecology - Mid Missouri

2.What is the purpose of your organization?

The purpose of OSE Mid-Missouri is to provide students and faculty and community members with the means to collaborate with the Open Source Ecology project.  We intend to have presentations, films, discussions and bring speakers.  Additionally, we intend to network with faculty and administration members to seek out opportunities for students to work on and collaborate via internships and undergraduate and graduate studies at the Factor E Farm facility, and also to organise for volunteer learning opportunities in permaculture and earth building.  We also intend to bring opportunities in sustainable, open design and hands-on processes to students through on-campus workshops and other educational opportunities.  Moreover, we seek to enliven and contribute to the dialouge of sustainability on the MU campus with viable, workable solutions that can be made readily available and will encourage economic resilience through localization and community advocacy and responsibility.

3.Why are you interested in starting a student organization?

Because our past experience with student groups has shown that the time and effort that goes into planning and organising student groups pays off in the opportunities it gives to the student body through education, dialouge, and experience.  We intend to further focus our efforts on viable goals and grant our fellow students the opportunity to experience the forseeable reality of a just and sustainable future through a participatory organisation, introducing a dialouge to them which is free of political party or philosophical bias but which shows how our common problems can be solved through reasonable solutions.  We hope to spread the knowledge and information we have and intend to grow so that the students involved may further disseminate it to family, friends and fellow community members so that they may be able to encourage a viable and ecologically sensible economic future for the ones they love and depend on.

4.Are there any other organizations on campus that share a similar purpose?

No, as there is no other groups working on open source projects and education.

5.Are you interested in working closely with any other organizations on campus?

Yes, we will be working closely with Student Energy Conservation Society and Students for Progressive Action and Sustain Mizzou.

6.Has your club ever been recognized on the MU campus?

No, however, Open Source Ecology members Dr. Marcin Jakubowski and Brittany Gill have come to campus to give presentations on several occasions hosted variously by Students for Progressive Action, Sustain Mizzou, ASHRAE, the Industrial Assessment Center and The Student Energy Conservation Society, and were met with fruitful discussions and have resulted in important collaborations between OSE and MU students and faculty.

7.Who are the officers of your organization?

President - Richard Schulte
Treasurer - Richard Schulte

8.What are your and your other officers’ affiliations with other recognized student organizations?

Richard Schulte was previously active in Students for Progressive Action

9.Are you affiliated with a national organization?

We are affiliated with Open Source Ecology, a 501(c)3 which operates as a DBA of the Open Mind Foundation.  OSE is a participatory organisation which pursues the actualization of global sustainability and bioregionalized resilience through the experimentation, practice and knowledge dissemination of permafacture and permaculture, earth building, participatory decision making process and economic localisation.  They have a facility called Factor E Farm in Maysville, MO from where they are actualizing an open design process for a host of sustainable technologies, engineered to OSE Lifetime Design specifications, and are experimenting with permacultural practices in their particular bioregion.

10.What classification would you consider your organization under: Academic, Cultural/International, Religious, Minority, Honorary, Greek, Greek- NPHC,Political,Service, Special Interest, or Sports?


11.If “Sports,” what are the activities that your club will be involved in?