Modular Breakdown

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: #Use Presentation Template for generating your diagram.

  1. Break the machine down into components by studying History, Prior Art, and Industry Standards.
  2. Write down salient notes on the modules as necessary to explain importance of module from standpoint of OSE Specifications
  3. Draw these components and make notes in the Drawing
  4. Publish to wiki. See Embedding Google Docs. This allows document to update automatically in the wiki whenever changes are made.
  5. Link to your Module Breakdown in the Development Board for the particular machine/artifact.


OSE follows Module Based Design

This allows multiple parts of an artifact to be developed in parallel, and it allows these parts to be produced in parallel via a 'barnraising'-style social production model.

To achieve Module Based Design - a machine/artifact first needs to be broken down into modules. These modules must be designed such that they fit together with other modules. For this to happen, a clear interface design must be presented (next step in Development Process).