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2021 - Open Source Technology Pattern Language


OSE is developing each of the following, for which icons should exist with a uniform OSE standard. Icon Specification begins this.

  • 50 machines for 80% of the industrial economy.
  • 500 modules for 99% of all civilization
  • 100 materials for accomplishing 99% of human activity. Source materials, which with 50 machines, derive all other materials.
  • 100 tools
  • 100 architecture symbols for drawings (detail, MEP) (no border)
  • 100 Aquaponics Icons - for key components
  • 500 House Components - lumber, panels, PV, breaker box, etc. Can be used for overview Visual Purchasing diagram, diagrams of house parts, etc.
  • 100 landscaping - Edible and Functional Landscape Design
  • 100 collaboration protocols
  • 200 Build Process primitives and pattern language
  • 100 Enterprise Development and Operations - key aspects that any business cannot do without
  • 50 Roles Icons - Designer, Architect, Farmer, etc.

500 House Parts/Components


OSE Icons

See OSE Icons


See Fab Tool Icons

Role Architecture

See Role Architecture Icons



Customer Profiles


Business Process Icons


Build Process and Utilities Icons


Product Icons


Machine Icons

From GVCS Images -


3D Printer 3D Scanner Aluminum Extractor Backhoe Bakery Oven Baler Bioplastic Extruder Bulldozer Car CEB Press Cement Mixer Chipper Hammermill CNC Circuit Mill CNC Torch Table Dairy Milker Drill Press Electric Motor Generator Gasifier Burner Hay Cutter Hay Rake Hydraulic Motor Induction Furnace Industrial Robot Ironworker Laser Cutter Metal Roller Microcombine Microtractor Multimachine Nickel-Iron Battery Pelletizer Plasma Cutter Power Cube Press Forge Rod and Wire Mill Rototiller Sawmill Seeder Solar Concentrator Spader Steam Engine Steam Generator Tractor Trencher Truck Universal Power Supply Universal Rotor Welder Well-Drilling Rig Wind Turbine


  • Icon Source
  • These icons from One Community are available for use - [1]. Icons license from One Community - [2].